What innovations will face Ukrainian motorists

Highlight: the introduction of auto-commit violations of traffic Rules, about which much was said, but to the practical realization of the project it has not yet reached, is scheduled for June.

As it became known, from a member of the working group on introduction of autocommit, the famous human rights activist Vladimir Karavaeva, the main point, which delays the introduction of auto-commit violations is the expectation of the new standards and the application of the corresponding new and more precise instrument fixation.

New standards are expected in Europe next year. Also you can find road maps and route directions on this site. If you start the project now, there’s a risk that will be applied to legacy hardware, and it isn’t excluded that the former in use in the EU, conforming to the standards dates back to 1991. This can negatively affect the operation of the complex autocommit in General, because the equipment, created according to the requirements of 25 years ago, is clearly not endowed with the accuracy, which can be implemented today.

Also in the «Plan of action» for September is to transfer the procedures of vehicle registration and driver licensing to local governments, and in the same month it is planned to simplify procedure of registration of agricultural machinery and obtaining a driver’s licence for such vehicle types.

For the second quarter spelled out the attraction to the quality control of repair and construction of roads independent consulting engineers. In the third quarter of the planned regulation of the dispatching of taxi services. Owners of lorries with full weight over 12 tons, should be in the fourth quarter preparing for the new expenditure. Travel on the public roads of the state value for such vehicle will be paid.